Parameters classΒΆ

The Parameters class is useful when you need to pass a Map to ibatis query. Parameters class contains the parameters from the request. The parameters from the request are all Array String and can’t be used in ibatis query as a normal java beans object. Parameters class has a getMap() method that change every parameters in String if the length of the array is 1.

To use Parameters class in an Action class simply extends BaseAction abstract class

public class WorkflowAction extends BaseAction {


    public String executeWorkflow() throws Exception{
        Map params = parameters.getMap();
        params.put("user_id", SessionUtil.getSession().getUser_no());
        params.put("pjt_cd", SessionUtil.getSession().getPjt_cd());

        coreDao.getView("core.sql.pmisUserInfo", params );

        for (int i=0; i < parameters.get("wf_user_ids").length; i++) {

In a service class is possible to inizialize a Parameters class in this way:

public String generateWorkflow(HttpServletRequest request) {
    Parameters parameters = new Parameters(request);


[IMPORTANT! the method getMap() will return a new Map ‘without array with a single value’, so in case is expected an array of length 1 is important to NOT USE the getMap() method; instead use get(String key) method that will return an array even if the array has length 1 ]


parameters.get(“ids”).length // ids will be an array even if the array has length 1


parameters.getMap().get(“ids”) // ids will be an array if the original array had length > 1 otherwise will be a String and ClassCastException will be thrown.