CoreDao with MapΒΆ


You can find these scripts inside the folder pmis/STND_PMIS/test/console/example.
If you want to execute them, you can use the Jython Console from the devtool menu.

filename =>

from java.util import *
from java.lang import *
from pmis.common.util import *

#login = SessionUtil.getSession()
#print login.user_no

coreDao = ApplicationContext.get('coreDao')
print coreDao
print '-----------------------------'
param = HashMap()

param.put('pjt_cd', 'STND_PMIS')
param.put('user_no', 'masterpmis')

user = coreDao.getView('sangah.system.sql.getUserSelect', param)
print '-----------USER INFO-----------'
for info in user:
    val = user.get(info)
    if val is not None :
        print (info + ' >> ' + val).encode('utf-8')