Delete old pdf and generate pdf for a given documentΒΆ


You can find these scripts inside the folder pmis/STND_PMIS/test/console/example.
If you want to execute them, you can use the Jython Console from the devtool menu.

filename =>

from import File

docid = 'DISCOTEST_NO11111'
doforreal = False
serv = Beans.documentService
coreDao = ApplicationContext.get('coreDao')

list = sql('''
select doc_id, file_seq, doc_seq, owner_id, PJT_CD from document where doc_id = ?;
''', docid)

if list.size() == 0:
    print 'Nothing found!'

for doc in list:
    print doc
    revid = sql('select revid as revid from comm_attch_file where file_seq =' + str(doc['FILE_SEQ']) +' and format_div=11 order by reg_date desc;')
    #print revid[0]['REVID']

    param = HashMap()
    param.put('file_seq', str(doc['FILE_SEQ']))

    list = coreDao.getList('core.sql.commAttchFileDetail', param)
    for file in list:
        print u''.join( file["title"] ).encode('utf-8')
        if file["title"].find('.pdf') != -1 and file["title"][:-4] == doc["doc_id"]:

            print 'Deleting ' + u''.join( file["title"] ).encode('utf-8')
            if doforreal:
                coreDao.delete("common.file.deleteRevid", file)
                coreDao.delete("common.file.deleteEdms", file)

                filepath = PmisConfig.get("edms.PathRoot") + str(file["FILEPATH"]);
                print filepath
                f = File( filepath )
                if f.exists():

    print 'Generating pdf...'
    if doforreal:
        serv.generatePdf( doc['DOC_ID'], str(revid[0]['REVID']), str(doc['FILE_SEQ']) )