Generate pdf for a given document & delete edms fileΒΆ


You can find these scripts inside the folder pmis/STND_PMIS/test/console/example.
If you want to execute them, you can use the Jython Console from the devtool menu.

filename =>

# ============ DEPRECATED ============

from java.util import *
from java.lang import *
from pmis.common.util import *

param = HashMap()

param.put('revid', '1401299521412798')
param.put('owner_id', 'intpass')
param.put('file_seq', '298541')
param.put('doc_id', 'PB-LETTER-2014-0016')
param.put('pjt_cd', 'LCT2014')

serv = Beans.documentService

#serv.generatePdf( param )

dao = Beans.coreDao

param2 = HashMap()
param2.put('revid', '1401299521457906')
list = dao.getList('core.sql.commAttchFileDetail', param2 )

#dao.delete("common.file.deleteRevid", list[0]);
#dao.delete("common.file.deleteEdms", list[0]);