PMIS Framework Training


  1. Eclipse IDE

  2. Subversion Control (SVN)

  3. Apache Tomcat - Web Application Server

  4. PMIS Source Code Tour

  5. Browser Development Tools

  6. Java Basic Concepts

  7. Apache Maven (software project management)

  8. Spring Framework

    • Application Context
    • Inversion of Control (IoC)
    • Dependency Injection (DI)
    • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
    • Transaction Management
  9. Struts Framework (MVC Framework)

    • Actions
    • Interceptors Stack
    • Results
  10. iBatis (SQL Data Mapper)

  11. Test-driven Development (TDD)

    • JUnit
  12. JavaScript, HTML & CSS

  13. jQuery (Javascript Library)

  14. SangAh Libraries (Javascript Library)

  15. jqGrid - Web Grid (Javascript Library)

  16. CKEditor - Web Editor (Javascript Library)

  17. PMIS Authentication System (Spring Security)

  18. Building & Deployment Process

  19. DB Update Process

  20. VSFlexGrid Manual & API Reference

Eclipse IDE


If you install the Java JDK x64 version make sure to download Eclipse 64bit as well!

  1. Install Java first! Take the JDK HERE.
  2. Set JAVA_HOME to Java JDK folder.
  3. Set PATH to the JRE or JDK bin folder.
  4. Make sure Java is installed. Open cmd.exe and type > java -version

Download the last release of Eclipse following this step:

  1. Go to the Eclipse Download Page.

  2. Under Latest Release click on the latest version and you will be redirected to another page.

  3. Scroll down until you find Platform Runtime Binary packages and download the correct version for your system.

  4. To start using this version of Eclipse with Java you need to install some plugins:

    From inside Eclipse go to Help -> Install New Software and from there you should search for these plugins:

    • Eclipse Platform [already installed]
    • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools under Eclipse Web Tools Platform
    • m2e-wtp - Maven Integration for WTP
    • JST Server Adapters
    • JST Server Adapters Extensions
    • Marketplace Client under Eclipse Marketplace Client

    If you cannot find JST Server Adapter than after you installed the Marketplace Client go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and from there search and install Eclipse JST Server Adapter.

    These plugins should be enough to get started.

Configuration Tips

  1. Change encoding to UTF-8 for all the file types supported (.jsp, .html, .properties, .xml, .java, .css).
  2. Change the installed Java version JRE -> JDK.
  3. Change the default Java Compiler to 1.6.
  4. Add a new Server Runtime Environment.
  5. Change the Eclipse Perspective to a more suitable for development (Java EE or Java).
  6. Recommended to change the Left Panel View to Package Explorer and Navigator.
  7. Recommended to change the Package Presentation for the Package Explorer to Hierarchical.
  8. You might want to disable auto build (Project -> Build Automatically) and change the Ctrl+B key combination to build just one Project. The default combination will build all projects in the workspace.


Subversion Control (SVN)

Official Website
SVN 1.7 Documentation
SVN 1.8 Documentation
Tortoise SVN Windows Client

Spring Framework

Book Spring in Action (3rd) useful chapters:

  • 1, 2, 3 Basic concepts
  • 4 AOP
  • 5.2 ~ 5.3 Datasource & JDBC
  • 6 Managing Transactions
  • 7 MVC

Below some online documentations:

Application Context
Inversion of Control (IoC)
Dependency Injection (DI)
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
Transaction Management


Struts Framework

Struts 2 Documentation - Interceptors

Book Struts 2 in Action useful chapters:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 Fundamental
  • 8 Results
  • 9 Struts 2 + Spring

iBatis SQL Data Mapper

Books iBATIS in Action
New MyBatis Project Website (with some reference to the old one)

Test-driven Development (TDD)

Test-driven development

...more results here

Junit - Java Testing Tool


jQuery (Javascript Library)

jQuery Website
Download jQuery
Learning Center
API Documentation
How to Create a Basic Plugin


SangAh Library (Javascript Library)

Give a look at the files under /web/ext/script/

  • common.js
  • Functionsml.js
  • coolMask.js
  • pmis_build.js
  • pmis_loader.js


Web Grid Plugin - jqGrid (Javascript Library)

Wiki Documentation



Web Editor - CKEditor (Javascript Library)

CKEditor Website

CKeditor How To


PMIS Authentication System (Spring Security)


More information here Spring Security 2


VSFlexGrid Manual & API Reference

VSFlexGrid Properties, Events, and Methods
VS FLex grid manual