How to import and export Oracle user between servers

1. Problem

  1. Server 1: Is the server where we will take the Oracle user dump file from.
  2. Server 2: Is the server we need to copy the user to.

We need to copy the schema/user YRP from the server Server 1 to the server Server 2 and this user has two tablespace associated, YRP and RWJEJU (we need to fix it).

2. Download dump file from Server 1 to Server 2

2.1 Open a terminal on Server 2


2.2 Go to the dbdump folder


2.3 Check the name of the dump to download from Server 1


2.4 Download the dump with scp from Server 2


3. Extract the dmp file from the archive file

Extract the file inside the archive using the command tar


4. Check tablespaces associated with the user in order to fix them later


If more than one tablespace is present, these tablespaces have to be remapped during the import procedure (see below).


5. Create new user and tablespace on Server 2

5.1 Connect oracle user and login with sqlplus


5.2 Check the folder that contains tablespace files in order to create the new tablespace in the correct folder


5.3 Create tablespace and user to Server 2


5.4 Check if it is possible to connect to the user from remote (sql developer)


6. Import the dump file to Server 2

6.1 Check the dump folder before executing the command impdp


6.2 Start the import procedure

Execute the following command from the terminal

We have to remap two tablespace:

  1. YRP -> YSG
  2. RWJEJU -> YSG

and a schema: YRP -> YSG

$ impdp system/[PWD] \
> remap_tablespace=YRP:YSG,RWJEJU:YSG \
> remap_schema=YRP:YSG \
> directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR dumpfile=[dmp file here]